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Customer Reviews.
See what our customers are saying about Helix.
  • S
    • SooChong K. Verified Buyer
    • 12/15/17
    Lovely sleep
    Bought our first mattress a few months ago and still waking up refreshed. Arrived very quickly as well. Went for the firmest consistency, which helps with my back.
  • E
    • Erica U. Verified Buyer
    • 12/15/17
    Skeptical, but pleased
    We did alot of research on new mattresses for lower back pain and finally chose the helix mattress. At first, we hated it... I reached out to the helix team via email and they quickly responded telling us to give it about 40 days. They said it needed broke in like a new leather boot. They were right, we now are starting to really like our purchase. It is starting to feel comfy like you want of a mattress. Our back pain is alot better, which is a relief.
  • K
    • Kenneth R. Verified Buyer
    • 12/14/17
    Excellent Customer Service
    Ended up returning mattress. Return process was flawless. Their promise and guarantee are superb even if we did not keep the mattress. Was donated to the Salvation Army so it is going to good use.
  • J
    • Jae M. Verified Buyer
    • 12/14/17
    Too soft
    A great mattress but still a bit soft and hurts my back.
  • T
    • Talena P. Verified Buyer
    • 12/14/17
    Hands down way better than purple!
    I absolutely love the custom helix mattress! I tried purple and it was way too firm like laying on a board. This mattress is perfect for me and I can't think of a time before this mattress that I slept better. Feedback for helix: maybe a little more description around softness / firmness questions on the sleep survey and how the mattress will feel. Still super happy with my mattress but may have built it a tiny bit different with more information.
  • K
    • Kathy B. Verified Buyer
    • 12/14/17
    Great Mattress!
    Have been sleeping on this for about a month now. Have a lot less pain in the morning. When one of us gets up during the night it does not disturb the other person. That alone is a Great feature. So far , really liking it!
  • D
    • Devin J. Verified Buyer
    • 12/14/17
    Had the mattress for 6 months. Best sleep ever and no back pain anymore.
  • D
    • Donna F. Verified Buyer
    • 12/14/17
    Good stuff!
    Both of us really love the mattress. We got a split king with one side much firmer than the other. We both felt our sides could be a little softer so we reached out to customer service and they recommended and immediately sent a free mattress pad for us to have/try, which was awesome!
  • S
    • 12/14/17
    The very best after 80 years of mattresses.
    The ability to customize mattress firmness is a game changer. My initial evaluation of my firmness desired was slightly off. Helix sent me a topper and that immediately solved the problem. No back pain since, and waken refreshed. My wife feels the same. In my opinion, it is ridiculous to buy an overpriced mattress after a cursory test in a store or to get any mattress anywhere that cannot be customized.
  • J
    • Jeff P. Verified Buyer
    • 12/13/17
    Easy to set up and order
    Nice bed, was very easy to order and set up. Needed the memory foam topper to provide comfort level of previous bed. Now it's great.
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