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Customer Reviews.
See what our customers are saying about Helix.
  • C
    • Chris D. Verified Buyer
    • 3/19/18
    Love it
    Love it
  • T
    • Travis S. Verified Buyer
    • 3/18/18
    No out of the box
    No out of the box smell compared to another mattress I returned. I sleep very well and feel the mattress is a good fit for me. The only reason I gave it 4 starts instead of 5 is I won't know the longevity for awhile but so far excellent.
  • S
    • Samuel K. Verified Buyer
    • 3/18/18
    Amazing sleep
    Comfy af but cooling could be a little better
  • D
    • Dianne H. Verified Buyer
    • 3/17/18
    Great Mattress!
    Surprised at how easily we settled into this as the bed is in a second home and were rarely there more than 2 nights in a row. We both find the Helix to be VERY comfortable and neither of us are bothered with the aches and numbness that we were experiencing with our 10 year old mattress. The only down side is that it sometimes takes a while to warm up after being in an unheated bedroom for several days to a week.
  • A
    • Aaron P. Verified Buyer
    • 3/17/18
    Very Satisfied
    Very satisfied. First mattress i've received through the mail and I was skeptical. After 2 months of sleeping on the mattress my chronic neck and back pain have disappeared.
  • V
    • Veronica C. Verified Buyer
    • 3/17/18
    I love it!
    The Helix mattress is wonderful! My husband and I each like a different firmness. With the Helix we can get our individual comfort while still sleeping on the same mattress. There's no more waking up with aches and pains, no compromising or settling on a mattress that doesn't quite suit either one of you. You get the comfort you need and a great night's sleep. I can't wait until Helix comes out with their pillow! My husband and I went to their New York showroom to try out our mattress before buying it. I highly recommend doing this if you are able to make the trip into NY. My husband's side felt perfect to him, but I tweaked mine to perfection for me. The staff are wonderful and give you privacy and absolutely plenty of time to try out your mattress. You can even fall asleep if you so desire. There are signs around stating that is actually encouraged. The whole experience of buying the Helix mattress was relaxed. We answered the questions online, in the morning, decided to make an appt. to check out our mattress, for the afternoon, grabbed a train to NY, checked out our mattress, bought it and could have been home in time to make dinner, but we decided to stay in the city for dinner. There was absolutely no pressure, just knowledge and information, from the salesman, which was a different experience for me, and I loved it!
  • J
    • Julie J. Verified Buyer
    • 3/16/18
    The best!!!
    We ordered from a lot of other companies and did a 100-night trial. Helix was the 5th company we tried and the last! We loved being able to customize at no extra cost.
  • K
    • Keye Verified Reviewer
    • 3/16/18
    Like getting massaged by extra large marshmellow
    Helix's customizable mattress is fantastic. The intro quiz is fun to take and it really makes it feel like the mattress will be perfectly suited for the user. Unboxing is a fun experience watching the mattress fluff up and it only takes 30-45 min (I've seen longer) before I get to begin my new life of sleeping on the clouds. I typically like to put on a song to lull myself to sleep, but I'm falling asleep before I even get to the chorus. C'mon Helix, I can't even enjoy a complete Jason Mraz song anymore. ;)
  • J
    • James N. Verified Buyer
    • 3/16/18
    Better than expected
    If you are wanting a mattress that gives you support and comfort this is the one to get. What makes this mattress better than the rest in my opinion is the sleep test you take when trying to pick the mattress that will fit you the best
  • C
    • Cecilia C. Verified Buyer
    • 3/16/18
    Saved my back
    I was having ongoing back pain and didn’t realize my 13+ year-old mattress was the problem. Less than a week after sleeping on my Helix, the pain was gone. Pure heaven.
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